Friendly Service and Delicious Food
Lots of TV's to watch the game
Bring your friends or just bring yourself
Indoor and Outdoor Seating is Available
Daily Food and Drink Specials
Locals Love Eating and Drinking at Dagwood's
Faculty / Staff / Athletes / Parents /Alumni / You
Plenty of Parking and Close to MSU Campus
Great Place to Watch All of the Big Sporting Events
Fresh, Delicious Food and Drinks Made to Order
Appetizers, Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Baskets
Cold Drinks, Great Tasting Food, Friendly Service

Join the tradition that before all home football games that kickoff at noon

we will be open for breakfast

So plan to start your game day with us!

Dagwood's Tavern & Grill has been a favorite of place in Lansing to get a bite to eat and enjoy a beer (or two) since the 1940's. In case you are interested, the building was built in 1901.

At this time, we do not have much information about the history of the building prior to 1946, but in 1946/47 an Oldsmobile Payroll Supervisor named Derwood Root decided to buy a bar on the corner of Kalamazoo and Howard streets. At that time, it was a local bar called "Nim's."

Derwood sold the bar in 1987 when he was 72. For the next 23 years, Dagwood's would be frequented by politicians, auto workers, athletes, locals, and VIP's. Dagwood's has always been a great place to get a bite to eat and a cold drink.

In 2000, Marji and Mark Cheadle bought this Lansing Area Favorite Bar and Grill with the intent of making Dagwood's Bigger and Better and they have been very successful! The additional outdoor patio area is a primary attraction and hangout through much of the year. The menu has been expanded and improved and the food is fresh and delicious! A lot of the traditional d├ęcor has remained, but there have been some noticeable improvements inside and out. Marji and Mark have hired and trained friendly and very qualified bartenders and food servers, so when you come to Dagwood's, you will be well taken care and you will eat and drink well. Marji and Mark have taken something that was already pretty good and made things even better!

They have reinvigorated the Lansing and Spartan Spirit and Lion's, Tiger's, and Redwing's fans will always feel at home cheering on our favorite teams. Dagwood's is a different kind of Sports bar.

Michigan State University employees, students, and family have rated Dagwood's as one of their favorite's places to hangout and watch a game with their friends. With more than 10 television sets around the bar area, every seat is a great seat! The food is delicious and Spartan energy is contagious.

Back in the day, you might run into Jack Breslin, George Perles, or hundreds of other legendary Spartans. Former MSU football, basketball, and other legendary athletes and administrators may come walking through the door at Dagwood's at any time. We are almost on the border of the MSU campus and the Lansing City limits. Sometimes, current MSU students will stop in with one of their parents also one of their grandparents for a special "photo op" and tell a few stories about when each of them spent many a fun time at Dagwood's Tavern and Grill. MSU Alumni will have their children come and take a picture in Dagwood's and send it to them via the internet, because that is where parents and grandparents spent a lot of time when they were in college. If they could not be here physically, they at least wanted a few photos of one of their favorite hangouts.

Some of the people who visit Dagwood's are in the 20's, 30's and 40's

and many of the longtime regulars are even older.

Dagwood's Tavern and Grill is a relaxed place where you can come in, have a few drinks, enjoy some great food, love the fantastic prices, and feel right at home. There is no rush-rush at Dagwood's. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy!

Dagwood's Tavern and Grill is very close to border of Lansing and East Lansing. Up until 1968, East Lansing did not grant a liquor licenses and was one of the few "dry" cities in the area. Back then, Michigan State University had approximately 13,282 students and the Spartans played football at Macklin Field, the current site of Spartan stadium.

Today, MSU has over 45,000 students and the Spartan Stadium is one of the best college stadiums in the country. Rumor has it that Dagwood's was often a meeting place for MSU coaches to enjoy some cold beers and some sandwiches in a relaxed atmosphere.

Well, good ol' Derwood said that no one would remember his name "Derwood," so he named it "Dagwood's" instead. A number of people have indicated that Derwood may have favored the name "Dagwood's" because during the 1930's and 40's, Derwood himself would have most assuredly been familiar with at least some of the 20 films and dozens of TV shows which featured Dagwood and Blondie during that time. It is possible that he may have been able to personally relate with Dagwood and his beautiful wife, Blondie.

If you are not familiar with the comic strip, The Blondie strip chronicled the common, everyday life of the Bumstead family. Perhaps this was an early form of reality TV. Blondie was a stay-at-home wife and mother for the first 60 years of the strip's existence. This all changed in the 1990's. Blondie opened a successful catering business.

The Dagwood character is adored by millions around the world as a lovable bungler whose well-meaning, but usually inept behavior reinforced the stereotype of a bumbling husband. Perhaps some men can relate.

Dagwood was generous to lend his name to the Dagwood sandwich, which was a staple on restaurant menus across North America for many, many years. It is still occasionally spotted in favorite dining rooms around the county. In the comic strip, The Dagwood is a gravity-defying architectural wonder super sandwich containing a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and some visual surprises. Very funny!

The good news is, Dagwood's is considering bringing the Dagwood Sandwich to Dagwood's Tavern and Grill in Lansing, Michigan. Ask your Food Server if it is available yet when you visit.

Today, Dagwood's is famous for their Fresh Made to Order Hamburgers and other Fresh Food. Almost all of the food is prepared right in front of you.

A Little About Dagwoods Tavern and Grill: Past, Present, Future

Today, Dagwood's Tavern and Grill is one Lansing's most popular places to enjoy a delicious sandwich, appetizer, or meal. Tuesday is our Famous Open Mic Night, so come on out and enjoy some great music, some delicious food, and the liquid refreshment of your choice.

As you may already know, the extra cold beer and perfectly mixed cocktails are also great reasons why so many locals and others keep coming back any night of the week.